RARE 2-cut Molded striped Christmas red SL 10/0 beads mini hank antique vintage 18 BPI


Shipping to United States: $3.95

1 mini hank on original white cotton strings. 10 loops per hank. Approximately 18 beads per inch. Hex shaped 2 cut beads in a deep silver lined red with molded white stripes. Stunning!

In over 40 years of collecting rare and antique seed beads, this is the first time I have encounted a molded 2-cut seed bead with stripes actually pressed into the glass. This techique is normally seen in much large druk beads. When they're gone, they're gone!

A century ago, these rare beads were painstakingly hand manufactured by master craftsmen in Europe. During the Victorian and Edwardian periods, beads like these were prized for decorating garments and many other items. Highly collectible, rare, and treasured by beadworkers and collectors alike.

The photo of the bead card shows what one inch of each size of seed bead looks like. Modern beads typically come in sizes 6/0 (not shown), 8/0, 10/0 (not shown), 11/0, and 15/0. There is a noticeable difference among manufacturers, and the diameter/thickness ratio varies greatly in both modern and antique beads, which can cause differences of opinion in sizing. The fourth column shows the delightful variety of sizes formerly made by hand in the storied bead factories of Italy and France, all the way down to 25/0. These beads can be strung with a Size 15 John James needle (not included).

Note that these 2 cuts are not a standard size 10/0 that you would find with most modern rocailles, and vary somewhat in thickness. They are fairly consistent in size for beads from this era.

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