Amazonite Faceted Teardrop Drop Earrings - Bead embroidery - Dark Copper Vintage 3-cut and Turquoise Picasso and beads


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This is a pair of elegant Amazonite and seed bead earrings. The earrings are made with faceted cabochons and high quality vintage Toho 3-cut and Preciosa seed beads. The main color framing the hand-cut faceted gemstones is dark bronze, created by the fabulous sparkle of the vintage Toho 3-cut copper colored beads. They have a wire for your earlobe.

Amazonite is considered to be a soothing crystal that helps balance physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects, as well as balancing chakras. It is used in healing throat, lung, chest, and sinus problems as well as gout, heart, and liver complaints. Amazonite is associated with the Heart and Throat Chakras and the element Water.

I list the kit separately for making these earrings if you prefer the crafty option. My kit includes all the materials you need beyond the basics.

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