100 French metal brass beads diamond cut faceted bright silver color 26 BPI P4 antique metal non-magnetic upcycled 15/0 steel cuts


Shipping to United States: $3.95

You will be getting one black silk string with a total of over 100 of these salvaged sparkly, antique beauties. These are size P4, or approximately 26 beads per inch. They're roughly size 15/0, but with much larger holes than glass beads. These beads were rescued from a damaged French steel purse from the 1920s, burnished, restrung on silk thread, and hand polished. The original purse was damaged, but since the beads were in such excellent condition, they have a chance for a new life into their second century. These beads were originally sold in 12-string bunches of 12 cm of beads on each string, so this is your chance to buy a smaller amount if you don't need a full bunch.

Used strategically, these brilliant little beads can make your reputation. Glass beads cannot give you such a stunning silver sparkle. Nonmagnetic.

Early in the 20th century, these beads were produced in France by the master craftsmen at Maison M. Canuet er Cie. No one has produced metal beads this small since 1938-- the machinery is said to have been destroyed during World War II. They were used during the first decades of the century in knitted reticules, flapper purses, and handbags. Due to their antiquity, they are highly prized, rare, and treasured by beadworkers and collectors alike.

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