18/0 Uranium glass cream opal / neon green transparent seed antique Murano glass beads Italian blacklight UV sensitive reactive 36BPI


Shipping to United States: $3.95

These lovely clear beads have a superpower: they glow bright neon green under uv light (black light)! Their green glow is very strong. Be aware that these do not glow in the dark without blacklight.

This auction is for 2 grams of these tiny beads, which measure 36 beads per inch. Although very small, these beads can be threaded using a size 13 or 15 needle. Using tiny antique beads in your work can really make your reputation!

Fluorescent uranium glass is also known as Vaseline glass (pale yellowish-green), Custard glass (opaque or semiopaque pale yellow), Jadite glass (opaque or semi-opaque pale green), Depression glass (pale green).

In the early 20th century, these rare beads were painstakingly hand manufactured by master craftsmen in the fabled Societa Veneziana Conterie glass factories of Murano, Italy. The slight irregularities in size and shape are an expected and natural result of the production process, which is a lost art.

If you purchase multiple units, they will be bundled in a single bag.

Nothing shown in the photos other than the beads is included in your purchase.

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